Andrew Petz


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Sweet Marinated Salmon

Total price: $49.00 | Price per serving: $24.50


This salmon is delicious.


  • 2 TB soy sauce

  • 2 TB pure maple syrup

  • 1 cut Salmon


It really doesn’t matter how much salmon you have for this recipe.

Of course, the more the merrier. I usually make about 1/4lb. The important part is that you have half and half soy sauce and pure maple syrup.

  1. Thaw salmon

  2. Pre-heat oven to 350F

  3. Mix maple syrup and soy sauce

  4. Put thawed salmon - with skin down - in oven-safe pan

  5. Cover salmon in soy sauce / maple syrup mixture

  6. Put salmon in oven for ~10 minutes, or until salmon reaches 145F

  7. Take out salmon

  8. Remove skin


  • The skin/scales of the salmon should be easy to remove after cooking