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Something I’ve noticed about myself: when I’m playing a video game, reading a book, or watching a TV show or movie, I almost never think of bad things about it until later. This is in stark contrast to what I generally see online. It seems as if the most vocal of commenters are always criticizing, critiquing, and otherwise looking for things to complain about. Maybe that’s a harsh way to put it, but the negativity about almost any piece of media is astounding.

For example, while watching the latest Star Wars movie in the theater, I was thoroughly entertained. I walked out having enjoyed the heck out of it. Most of the people I was with were along the same lines. Looking at Twitter, however, made me much more aware of the (admittedly numerous) flaws, to the point where I’m no longer convinced that I enjoyed watching the movie. It’s really fascinating to me. Maybe it’s something about how my brain is wired, but I just don’t notice those things until they’re pointed out.

Maybe the Star Wars example is a bad one. Or maybe it’s a great example, because it wasn’t really that great of a movie. Either way, it’s something I think about from time to time, as I’m scrolling through the subreddit of my latest video game addiction, or looking at Twitter after watching the latest episode of a show I’m watching. Maybe I should stop doing those things and enjoy the media I consume without the outside influence of others on the internet.