Browser Extensions

In no particular order…

uBlock Origin Chrome | Firefox

When I encounter a new web browser, whether it’s from a fresh install or for whatever other reason, this is the first extension I go for. It’s a fantastic ad blocker that lets you use custom block lists that others have created.

Google Dictionary Chrome

Allows you to double-click on a word and see the definition in a little popup balloon. Real nifty. I find myself using it all the time.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Firefox version of this extension. However, there is something similar: English Popup Dictionary.

Bitwarden Chrome | Firefox

My password manager of choice. I’ve tried others (LastPass and 1Password, primarily) and Bitwarden is by far the most consistent with syncing and mobile use. I’ve been using it for about 3 years without any issues.

WhatRuns Chrome | Firefox

Lets you see the technology that’s running the website that you’re on.

EditThisCookie Chrome

Similar addon for Firefox: Cookie Quick Manager.

Lighthouse Chrome

Similar addon for Firefox (I have not tested this!) Lighthouse Report Generator

ShareX Chrome | Firefox

In conjunction with the ShareX Windows application, this is by far the best way to take screenshots and videos on your computer.

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome | Firefox

Forces HTTPS by default on all sites you visit.